Custom Flooring From Astro Carpet Mills

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We are known for our attention to quality control, our ability to make high resolution patterns, and our Tite Tuft process. At Astro Carpet Mills, we strive to maintain our reputation as one of the best manufacturers in the industry. We work with architects and interior designers who need special carpeting for their clients. We can provide solutions for game rooms, kids' rooms, and other spaces. With our track record of design professionalism, design professionals know we can be trusted.

Do you need a custom flooring solution?

At Astro Carpet Mills, we manufacture carpet for clients who need high performance, customized flooring solutions. We work in all areas of the industry, and can even provide artificial turf.

Our company also provides specialized solutions for many businesses in the family entertainment business. Whether it's a bowling alley, skating rink, laser tag facility, or movie theater, we have a solution for you. Our black light fluorescent carpet is tightly woven, and our patterns are high resolution. Our results always look great, and we have a number of satisfied customers to show for it.

The designs we make are fun, and add to the ambiance of the spaces they are laid in. For example, our bowling black light carpet incorporates designs such as balls and pins. Sometimes these designs are obvious, and other times they are more abstract and hidden. Whether you want something more direct and cartoonish, in neon colors shouting out "Strike," or you want something more sophisticated and neutral, we have just what you need.

Likewise, for skating some of our designs include roller skates. Some incorporate wheels as a motif. Others are just bright, fun designs that will resonate with the clients visiting your establishment. With our years of experience in this business, we have a good idea of what will work for your establishment.

Our artificial turf solutions are perfect for venues such as miniature golf courses. We offer different options depending on how highly trafficked the surface will be. If your operation is seasonal, the lower end may be suitable for you. If you are open year-round, the high traffic rating may be more appropriate. We offer artificial turf in a number of colors, including royal blue, purple passion, and lime green.

Whatever your custom flooring need, Astro Carpet Mills can provide you with an effective and efficient solution. Whether you operate a restaurant, bowling alley, roller rink, or casino, we have the experience to make your space look great. Our carpeting solutions will help tie the whole look of your room together.



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