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Astro Carpet specializes in bright, colorful fluorescent carpet that is durable enough to stand up to high traffic areas in homes and businesses. We are not just a carpet store, we are a carpet manufacturer, which allows us to offer a premium selection of colors and patterns that can be customized to your taste.

Our glow in the dark carpet is particularly popular with entertainment venues like skating rinks, bowling alleys and casinos. We offer specialty prints for skating rinks that feature a variety of skating themes, or you can choose from stars, swirls and abstract prints.

If you own a bowling alley, you might like one of our twelve bowling motifs. For a more general design, you might choose a pattern of neon confetti or a bright abstract print. Any fluorescent carpet you choose will glow under blacklight to give your floors a pop of fun that will enhance the customer’s experience.

We do stock designs that are a bit more sedate for casinos or restaurants. These patterns are blacklight carpet and do give you the fun glow in the dark effect, but the motifs are stylish geometrics. Blocks, circles and painterly swaths in the colors of your choosing will add a touch of class to your flooring.

Glow in the dark carpet is also an attractive option for your home. You can choose an abstract print in warm browns and deep reds for an entertainment or game room. If you have children, bold patterns in vibrant colors may be just the thing to make their rooms “cool” and truly reflect their individual personalities. Our ability to create custom color combinations gives you the power to match the decor of any room and have blacklight carpet that flows with the tone of the rest of your home.

All the neon carpet that Astro Carpet produces is of high quality. Our Tite Tuft process ensures that the carpet will stand up to hard wear while maintaining the brightness of its colors. The designs are printed in high resolution for maximum visual impact, with or without blacklight illumination.

After you have chosen your glow in the dark carpet, Astro Carpet provides professional installation. We also answer any questions you may have about the care and cleaning of your carpet to preserve the intensity of the colors and patterns over the years.

Give us a call or contact us by email and we will be happy to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect neon carpet for your home or business. Click through our website to see our design and color swatches, and play with the feature that shows how each carpet looks in a room. The fun, attractive and durable blacklight carpet that you have been looking for is here!



Hello , I'm interesting in buying your carpet to my centers with games and indoor playgrounds . Can you send me your price list. Thank you and I/m waiting for your reply .
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