Make Your Rooms Dazzle With Astro Glow in the Dark Carpet

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In the early 1960s, it became obvious to owners of professional football teams that their sport was going to explode in popularity thanks to television. That meant building new, larger and more luxurious stadiums. And for the first time, some of the stadiums would be fully enclosed. That meant trouble for groundskeepers. Real grass could not grow inside an enclosed arena.

That problem lead to the creation of AstroTurf, a short-pile synthetic turf, in 1965. Originally called ChemGrass, the new synthetic grass was renamed AstroTurf after its publicized use in the Houston Atrodome football stadium.

Other sporting industries like golf quickly saw potential in the new grass substitute, but the use of AstroTurf didn’t expand much beyond the football field, indoors and out.

AstroTurf led the way for new companies to develop new carpet coverings for sports and entertainment of all types.

Astro Carpet Mills is one of those companies. It’s a leader in the manufacturing of printed carpet and artificial turf that is used across the world. Their Astro carpet covering can be found in bowling centers, roller rinks, fun arcades, family entertainment centers, and night miniature golf courses. Astro carpet is also a favorite floor covering for kid’s rooms, dens, game rooms and home theaters.

Black Light Carpet

One of the exciting new trends in fun floor coverings is black light carpeting that glows in the dark. The carpet designs come alive under fluorescent black light with wild neon bright colors..

Black light carpeting is a favorite in commercial arcades, bowling centers, skating rinks, and nighttime entertainment venues like night clubs and bars.

Made of 100 percent nylon with a Scotchgard stain protector, these wildly fun carpets will glow and brighten any establishment for years to come.

The uses for neon and fluorescent carpeting are only limited by the creative imagination of planners and interior designers. The use of carpeting as a wall covering has long been in play. Now image that carpet suddenly exploding with fluorescent designs and patterns with the simple flip of a switch to turn on the black light source. Kid’s rooms can have space ships traveling though glowing star-filled darkness. A den can be turned into a neon-lit nightclub just as fast.

Large entertainment venues like theme parts, movie theaters, restaurants and concert halls all have the ability to add excitement and color to their setting using fluorescent Astro carpet.

In the hands of a creative architect or interior designer, Astro glow in the dark carpet can play a significant part in adding color, surprise and whimsical humor to any new or remodeled interior venue.


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